I must say that this has been an interesting week for me. One of the highlights of my weekend was Sat. night. Let me start by saying that I admire women and everything that you do. Women are some strong-minded people and to go through some of the things that you go through is amazing. Specifically the women that are constantly on display. Whether it’s by force or by choice.  You have men constantly looking at you as if they just want to tear your clothes off and rip you into shreds and I must admit that in some instances I am guilty of this. That is until this weekend.


Now getting into what has made me see the other side. I was helping a friend out at one of his events. I am a sucker for black entrepreneurship so anything that I could do to help I did. My job was to make sure that everyone that wanted drinks had them. So I was a waiter so to speak, but not your ordinary waiter. You see initially my attire was black slacks and a black shirt that showed off my muscular frame. I was very comfortable. I was the eye candy for the women at the event. It was nice I might add.


Next comes the fun part. I was coerced; well I won’t put it so harshly. Rather I was asked to do the rest of the show topless. At first I had my reservations, but given the event and given the fact that I had agreed to help with the “entertainment” I said what the hell. So I had my female peers oil me up and at the intermission. Before the second half of the show,  I walked back into the venue to one of the loudest ovations that I had ever heard in my life. I mean hundreds of women gawking over me. I have been in front of 50 thousand people or more with my shirt of but this took the cake. In my football days this was expected and people literally did not pay attention to athletes that did this because it was common. However, on this day that was not the case. I thought I was the only man on Earth at that point and every woman in the audience needed me to sew my seed in them to save the human race. Its was like I was in only food source surrounded by a pack of starving Lionesses. It was like…shit I ain’t gonna lie, it felt like I was a celebrity and all the women of the audience were trying to get there hands on me.


But as much as I loved being the center of every woman’s fantasies that night a little piece of me felt degraded. I mean women were rubbing on my chest and pulling on my belt as if to say bring your ass here nigga. It kind of made me feel like less of a human and more of an object. Don’t get me wrong there were some that just enjoyed the presence of a man that was willing to give them the entertainment that they were looking for, but some just saw me as a target for an easy fuck. Kind of made me look at the way we men objectify women in the strip clubs. Some are there because they have to be. They are not sluts, whores, or easy. They are just there to put food on the table for their kids, to pay the rent, to pay their way through school. These are the girls that merely see this as entertainment and do not prostitute themselves out to men who just wanna fuck or get some head. Unfortunately, we men look at strippers, all strippers and dancers, this way. We think if we flash some money around we can do what we want to any of these girls because that’s what they want.

I do see how some could get caught up in that lifestyle, though. I mean its easy money, you are the center of attention, and for the brief moment feel wanted. Ladies, if this is what you like then do you. I have nothing but the upmost respect for you. As for me, I had a great time and all I had was my top off. Would I do it again, for the right cause yeah, but I do not think that I could do this as a means of getting paid. Hell when I signed up I did it just to help out a friend and there was no mention of monetary compensation. But having being exposed to that environment I would like to say that I have a new found respect for anyone that does this for a living. For those that are doing it because they have to, I say keep your heads up and every man that sees you doesn’t see you as one of the aforementioned slurs that I used earlier. Some look at what you do as art, so keep painting that canvas until you feel that the artwork is complete and you can move on to the next phase of your life. To everyman out there, treat these ladies with the respect that they ask for. The ones that wanna fuck will let you. But some women go home crying every night because of they way “we” treat them. So I ask, don’t judge a book by its cover. Read the words in the book and you will see what type of book it is. Until next time.




2 thoughts on “Shoe’s On The Other Foot

  1. I saw you at this event and after reading this post I am impressed on the impact it has had on you. There is normally more to a person than what initially meets the eye. In fact a first impression isn’t always the best one. You don’t reallt get a full idea of a person in a 30 sec. conversation. I have never been a woman to strip but I do not disresect those that do. As a man it is refreshing you had this experience(from a woman’s standpoint). As a woman living it through your eyes, I hope you will always keep this in your mind when you want to approach a woman based on her physical attributes.


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