For men there is no such thing as being the other man. We know the deal when we get involved with a woman that is involved. There are no late calls, no riding by the other person’s house, no thinking that she is going to leave him for me. We play the part and we play it well.

Sometimes for us we love being the man on the side. We get all of the benefits without the headaches. We feel like we are the male escorts. We get called when she wants to go out. We hit the hotel or some quiet spot when she wants to chill, and we get sex when she wants it. Can’t say that it is all bad.

There are feelings that get involved sometimes but we know how to subside these feelings. The way we think is that why would I want to get involved with her if she is doing her man like that. If she did it to him she will do it to me. A lot of the times if a man is the one on the side you better believe there are two sides. So do not be surprised ladies that when you leave your man for the side piece that you have now become the side piece because the man has already made provisions with another woman.

~Jock Your Mind


Unfortunate but a lot of women put themselves in the position of being the other woman.   Right or wrong it happens all too often.   We are all aware that this happens and somehow the other woman always ends up feeling like she can somehow become the main chick. 

Newsflash:  9 times out of 10; you simply became another notch on his belt.   You are not irreplaceable…you are disposable.  He will not spend holidays with you, he will not take your late night phone call, he will not drop what he’s doing to accommodate you and your schedule.

Although being the other woman is the wrong position to play allow me to help you in this tangled web you choose to weave for yourself.  Check your feelings at the door, use him for sex the same way he is using you; set boundaries; don’t call his home, don’t facebook  his girl, or cyberstalk the both of them when he fails to show up for the appointed booty call.  Play your position as the side chick and stay in your lane.

~Mahogany Princess


4 thoughts on “Being the other Woman…Man????

  1. Spoken Like a true side piece MP…Love those initials, lol. Anyway like you stated if you accept the role in the beginning don’t expect nothing less than that in the end. That’s the mentality that men take in this situation. Ladies if a man tells you he is going to leave his wife/girl for you, its a lie. If he wanted to leave he would’ve have done it already. Also do not get mad at the wife/girlfriend because 9 times out of 10 they don’t know about you and you are the one in the wrong. To alleviate being the side dish and going through all of this find someone that will make you the main course.

  2. A side piece I am not but I’ve dealt with enough of them to know what the rules to their game should be. lmbo
    The heart makes you do some crazy things for love. I just pray I never get caught up in this dangerous and tangled web of misdirected love!

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