I’m going to just jump right into it. When did disciplining your child or children become abuse? I remember when I was a child and I got my tail whip for every little thing that I did wrong. If I talked back to my mom, I got slapped in the mouth. In fact if I talked back to any adult, I got smacked in the mouth. If I went to school and cut up, the teacher gave me a couple of licks in the hand or across the bottom, and when I got home my mom finished what my teacher started. See back when I was growing up we feared what would happen to us. We were scared a hell to act up for the fear of consequences.

Let’s fast forward to today. In our society if you discipline your kids, you are abusing them. The use of a belt, switch, shoe, or any other objects is frowned upon by the social services. They will come and try to snatch your kids up quicker that a tornado can snatch up a house. The problem with this is that the kids know this so they use this against their parents. There is no fear in our kids today. This is the reason why, in my opinion that crime is at an all time high. This is the reason why our kids are not doing well in school. This is the reason why the world is in turmoil.

The lawmakers of the world are constantly crippling our country and it starts with the passing of what I call the pacifier laws. These lawmakers are trying to get lower class America to raise our kids as if they were rich brats. News flash, it doesn’t work. The rich brats are always getting into trouble but the parents can buy their way out. In lower class America, there is no buying out just buying in. Lawmakers, you are teaching our kids that there are no consequences for their action. Just a point in the face, a time out, or maybe something will be taking away from them. Problem is what do you take from a kid that has nothing?

What is mindboggling about this is that it is perfectly of for law enforcement to take aggressive action but the parents can’t. This is the biggest display of contradiction that I have ever seen. So you mean to tell me that you can take a night stick and beat my child senseless but I can’t take a belt and hit him across the rear end. Discipline starts at a young age. If you let me put the fear of God in my kids when they get older then you lawmakers will not have to put the strong arm of the law into effect when they get older. Discipline not only teaches the kids right from wrong, but it also makes them aware that they are accountable for their actions, whether behavioral or business.


4 thoughts on “Discipline+Abuse??

  1. I remember when the Principal was able to discipline a child that got out of line with a paddle. Then most of the time when you got home, you would get the belt, switch or whatever they could get their hands on. Now, if your child misses a certain number of days in school, they come looking for the parent!

    If you take away the parents ability to discipline (or put fear in your child), you can’t place all the blame on the parent when that child is standing before the judge being charged for some crime.

    I know abuse is real and it should never be tolerated, but the right discipline during the right years of a child’s life will make a whole lot of difference in the long run.

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