At some point in your life, you will need someone to give you a job reference, character reference, or to just give you some direction in the career world! If you have not yet, your time is soon to come. I had a supervisor that always pushed me to do more. She made sure that I stayed challenged and gave me the opportunity to grow. She was a Caucasian lady, and she lived to help others!

Flash forward, God forbid you’re African-American and have an African-American boss, you just might be in trouble! You can be in the same organization, and can’t even get a referral to another department, but if they needed some type of work related favor from you, the story would be different! Why is it that Caucasian individuals freely help each other with anything, but as African-Americans, we compete amongst ourselves like children? Some of us make comments like, “She didn’t help me so I’m not going to help her”! We have to stop the madness! We as African-Americans are one of the main groups to hold back, stuff our blessings in a box, and hide them away! We want to make sure that no one knows what we have or what we can do, so no one will ask for our help! We don’t want to give away too much because some of us feel like we just got it and nobody tried to help us! Caucasians do not take business to the personal level that African-Americans sometimes do. They may not even like each other, but you best believe if they need a favor, it is a done deal!

The knowledge individuals acquire along the journey of life is meant to be shared. I get a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction from being a blessing to my fellow-man (woman)! The golden rule still applies, give and you shall receive. I feel as if whatever I need in life, God will place me in the right location to be helped by whomever. Of course, we are not going to go about our days holding hands and singing kumbaya, but we can be pleasant, respectful, and helpful. Someone has to take a stand and say “I will not treat others as I have been treated, but how I want to be treated! After this proactive measure, we as people will evolve drastically! I have always tried to help as many people as I can with whatever God has blessed me with. I challenge you to do the same!




3 thoughts on “Kumbaya My Lord!

  1. I hate to say it but this reminds me of a blog that we debated about a few weeks ago, “The Crab in the Barrel.” Blacks feel threatened by other blacks and in my opinion it because of Affirmative Action. Most companies will hit their Affirmative Action quota and look no more. The higher you evolve in your career the less African Americans you will see and that makes the competition that much more. Caucassions do no feel this pressure because they are the majority and do not have to worry about affirmative action. Blacks know the opportunities are limited and the company is only looking for one face of color to advance.

  2. Great post! It is very evident that African Americans feel the need to compete rather than helping out a fellow man. It’s not always about what someone can do for you and people should be able to help someone without expecting something in return. I’m all for helping or supporting someone else in anyway I can.

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