Picture your fairytale life with the bride or groom of your dreams, money in the bank, and your health and strength. At this point you wonder, ‘What could go wrong?” Well, anything and everything can happen. How many times have you heard the horror stories associated with marriages and finances? A rich person and a not so rich person get married without signing a prenuptial agreement, all hell breaks loose, and someone is left holding an empty bag! People please don’t just think you have to get a prenuptial agreement if you are rich! You can get married and not be rich, become rich during the course of the marriage (with or without your partners input) and be left in a hole if the relationships ends! You may even have to split your earnings.

 Now, what if your spouse incurs large amounts of debt? The answer is yes, you will have to share that too! This can include any type of bills, bills made by children or step children, bankruptcy, and the list can go on!  Marriage is a life long commitment whether it last or not and can be a death sentence. Some critics argue that the prenuptial agreement paints a dismal picture of the trust you have in your relationship. Married or unmarried, I think they have no idea how ugly things can get.

It is best to strategize your contingency plan in the beginning while everything is in a honeymoon type phase. Discuss the unthinkable and undesirable possibilities. It is better to know what is on each others mind before you commit! You may just discover that this person is not for you after all! If you get all of the good, bad, and ugly details ironed out and you are still in love, more power to you!




8 thoughts on “Let’s Get Married!?!?

  1. I can see the point of a pre-nup, but I’m not planning on getting one. I will have the money conversations and etc. with my future husband, but I don’t believe in divorce in 99% of cases. It’s not something that I feel I would need, and I would want my future husband and I to be on the same page about that. I see marriage as a lifelong, covenant relationship not. To be entered into or exited from lightly, which is why I haven’t taken that step yet. I think by not having certain safety nets (divorce, pre-nup, etc.) I’m much more cautious and discerning about whom I attach myself to.

    • I feel you but you never think you will need one til its too late. You never think they you and the special someone will part ways til he comes home smelling like White Diamonds lmao

    • I can see where you are coming from Vanilla. I have the same set of ideals and once married, Divorce is not an option!! At the sametime, I can understand the need for a prenup because even though the commitment between both parties may be that divorce is not an option, life takes us through many changes and you just never know how things will end up. I would definitely consider a prenup if I were to get married.

      • Heck yeah!!! He ain’t getting my paper! lmbo
        Honestly though, I would not be offended if a man asked me for a prenup and if I felt that my assests were substantial enough, I would consider asking him as well.
        Not only that but I have to look at if from the standpoint of securing my sons future also. For instance, If I owned a home prior to the marriage, that property may be something that I would want my son to have. If I leave that open and a divorce ensues, he could very well try to claim that property. You gotta protect yourself from things seen and unseen.

  2. Most women do not plan on getting one. I guess its more prevalent in the male community. Not saying that some women don’t want one but typically in a divorce its the man that loses everything or at least gets hit harder than females.

    • Jock, this is so untrue! What people don’t realize is that marriage brings together som many different aspects (financial, etc.) and women stand to lose just as much if not more! Personal experience!

  3. I see the point of a pre-nup, but never intended to have one. Although I’m not against it. I’ve seen women get screwed over because they didn’t have one. Depending on the terms, it might be in the best interest of both people involved regardless of either of their financial status at the time of marriage.

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