So, what is it that makes a woman or man decide that they will date someone out of their age group? This age difference can span anywhere from a year to 20 years or more! Who is to say what the acceptable age limit should be? Whether you agree with dating someone extremely older or younger or not, everyone is intrigued by this new dating trend ! So after asking a few sources, we have discovered some basic reasons why women and men date in and out of their age groups!

Venus aka The Cougar

I was curious about this whole “Cougar” thing so I conducted some experiments and asked a lot of questions! So here goes my summary:

  1. In most of these types of relationships, the older woman may be up in age, but not to old to get her groove on! She is in good physical shape for her age, widowed or divorced, and desires to have a man who can handle her sexual appetite.
  2. Some older women look at the younger man as a chance to be the mother that they never could be or that they have already been years ago. For example skydiving, roller skating, or cycling!
  3. Cougars usually have established careers and are financially stable. They do not desire to have a man who will compete with them or feel threatened by their success!
  4. Younger men are loving the cougars because they don’t have a large amount of responsibilities!
  5. As the boyfriend of a cougar you are expected to be a sexy arm piece when necessary!
  6. And for those men that don’t desire to have children, cougars love it because they no longer desire to have children either!
  7. Most importantly, lets face it, this is definitely How Stella Got Her Groove Back courtesy of Taye Diggs!



Mars aka Sugar Daddy

Have you ever seen an old grey haired man with a girl half his age on his arm and thought, “That must be his daughter?” Later on you see them kiss in a way that a father and daughter would not! Well this man is known as a Sugar Daddy and she is known as his Sugar Baby! He is usually super charged on Viagra and has a bank account on steroids! She is usually young and digging for gold. This is the anatomy of a Sugar daddy:

  1. Most Sugar Daddies are well off and accustomed to nice things. They usually have the newest and most current luxuries as soon as they are available. Sometimes before it even comes on the market. They like their women the same way, New and Young!
  2. Sugar Daddies  are movers and shakers even in their older years. Women their own age can’t keep up with them so they need someone with a little kick to them!
  3. Sugar Daddies  are used to getting what they want, when they want it. They are impatient and don’t have time to pursue a woman in the traditional way.
  4. Sugar babies LOVE nice things and they love for other people to buy them. Sugar Daddies  are willing to provide whatever they need. They are a perfect match.
  5. Sugar Daddies are just like most men, possessing really big egos. What better way to feed your enormous ego than to walk around with a young trophy who is 20 years younger?
  6. Sugar Daddies  are doped up on those blue pills. No not the Matrix, I’m talkin about Viagra and other male enhancement drugs. These cat daddies are armed with a super charged penis and are ready for rabbit romping. Mere mortal OLDER women are not able to handle that kind of pounding, it may rupture their spleen or cause them to need a hip replacement! This is why they go out and get them a young thing!
  7. Personally I don’t knock it. When I see Hue Hefner and Anna Nicole Smith, I just get out my pen and pad to take notes. I am a Sugar Daddy in training!




3 thoughts on “Cougars and Sugar Daddies

  1. “Sugar daddy in training” Cruz really??? lmbo
    I’m not looking for a sugar daddy…just a mature man who knows how to treat a lady! That can be the same age or older, he just gotta come correct.
    Think I’m too young to go cougar buterum….not opposed to that either! lol

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