Christmas is quickly approaching and thus the conversation heard around elementary school classroom abroad…What is Santa bringing you for Christmas?  It’s the age old question that kids ask every year around this time and each of them happily runs down the list of what they expect to get for Christmas.  This got me to thinking about a few things.

  1. Do your children still believe in Santa?  I debunked that myth with my son years ago.  I wanted him to understand that mommy and daddy work hard to make sure you has those gifts under the tree.  There will be no fat guy in a suit singing HO HO HO awaiting milk and cookies.  Now this may sound a bit harsh but once I felt like he was old enough to understand the value of money and the true meaning behind the season…Santa took a back seat.
  2. Do your children know the real meaning of Christmas? While we hurry from store to store in the name of Santa or just parents in general looking to see their children’s eyes light up I think we often forget the reason for the season.  Are we also forgetting to teach this to our children? Year after year, I remind my son of the meaning of Christmas because it’s important that he understands this day isn’t about you getting a bunch of stuff.  Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
  3. Do they understand the gift in giving?  I normally have my son pack up toys and clothes he no longer plays with or wears to donate to the less fortunate.  Last year I made him give a brand new bike he had won away to a less fortunate child because he had just gotten a new bike a few months prior.  Needless to say, he wasn’t all gongho about the idea but he did it and was able to experience firsthand the gift of giving.

 It’s important that we instill certain values in our children and it seems the holidays bring the need to do so to the forefront.   We have a few more weeks before the big holiday…spread a little cheer, help someone less fortunate, and make sure your children understand the real meaning behind Christmas.

If I Ruled family: Do your children believe in Santa?  Do they know the true meaning behind the Christmas?  Do they understand the gift of giving?  Share your stories with us.


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