When there is an act of rape typically it involves a man overpowering a woman and forcing her to do an unwanted sexual act. Rape really doesn’t have to be sexual. It can happen to a man, woman, or child. Men and women are raped everyday. The type of rape I’m talking about is societal rape. This is an art form that is practices on a daily basis on millions of people. This involves being brainwashed into thinking that life is a certain way only to find out years later that your innocence was taking and you will never recover from it.

Let’s take our generation of kids. They believe that the world revolves around drugs, sex, money, and violence. Many of them get this from movies, television shows and especially rappers. Their minds have been raped into thinking that the only way to get ahead and enjoy life is to be around this stuff. The movies and shows have raped their minds into thinking this. Before you know it, these kids will be in their 30s still chasing a rap career with no job, a boat load of kid, no education, and no steady source of income. Raped!!!

Speaking of education. Education in the minds of most means the number of degrees you have. In today’s world you have to have a degree to do damn near everything. Or at least that’s what they want to believe. Just because you have a degree doesn’t mean you are educated and vice versa. The system has rapped our youth, especially our black youth into thinking that they are not educated because they didn’t go to college. I will get to this later. There are plenty of companies, mine being one, that have people in positions in which they say you need a degree for, but they have non degreed personnel in those positions. If a degree is required why not make them go back to school. This is because YOU DO NOT NEED A DEGREE TO HAVE THE JOB. These people are educated. They are educated in the field in which they are working. They may not know Newton’s Law but they know that education can be acquired without being bought. Companies just use this “requirement” as a form of  prejudice. Rape!!!

As for college, college is not for everyone. In my opinion, the notion of college is just another way to keep blacks from being prominent. This is another “affirmative action” clause. The reason I say this is because most blacks can barely afford to keep a roof over their heads much less afford college. Now I know what you are saying, “They can earn a scholarship”. Outside of sports what college gives the average black kid a scholarship for something other than athletics? Not enough. You see the black kids aren’t just raped, they are anally raped in this situation. I say this because black communities aren’t taught standardized testing. The first time it is seen it is during the actual test. On the other hand, whites have this as a part of their everyday schooling. They should do better. They are taught the secrets, the cheats, and when and when not to guess. All blacks are taught is to make sure you fill in the circle completely. And to add insult to injury, now the test has a writing part that is the object of scrutiny only to the eyes that read it. So now we add a highly subjective part to the test. And guess which group of people typically don’t do well with writing? You guessed it. Anally Raped!!!!

Now this last form of rape is the worst. This is a jail house, gang bang, broom in the ass kind of rape. This rape is referring to some job requirements that say that you have to have a job to apply. Yes you heard me. You have to have a job in order to apply for the job. Why would the state of California allow this? This is why they have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. When the reasoning for this was brought out, it was even more appalling. The reason was “to keep companies from going through thousands of resumes and to make sure they hire the best of the best”. If this is the reason then the heads of these companies have been raped.  They have been penetrated through the ear and got their brains screwed out. The best might have been a casualty of a layoff. The best may have just moved to the state to help support his/her family. The best may be a kid fresh out of college. The worst, however, is the lazy workers within that company that does not want to do his or her job and search through the resumes to find the best candidate. By the way, don’t they have computers that do that now. So the searching through resumes was total BS or should I say HS because these companies got some shit with them and it came out the asses of humans. Brutally raped!!!

People, do not let yourselves become a victim of rape. Educated yourself. The victims of rape are also its precursors. Don’t run around naked in a jail house and expect to come out unscathed. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and a wasted mind is one subject to rape!!!



One thought on “The Art of Rape!!!!

  1. I love this post Jock! You touched on points that are hidden in the crevices of society! Makes you realize that you may have been a rape victim after all!

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