I can remember the moment my son was born as if it were just hours ago.  I’d sent everyone home certain that he wouldn’t come until well into the next day.  Low and behold, he made his grand entrance into the world at 3:48am in mid October greeted by his mother.  It was just me and him.  Well us and a room full of doctor’s and nurses but in that moment, they didn’t seem to exist.  I remember hearing that cry for the first time and that reassured me that he was ok. 

Nine years later the memories of life in between are magical yet few.  Seems those years went by so quickly that I forgot to cherish and capture enough of them.  Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of pictures and videos  but those 9 years are a blur.  You remember the milestones like the first word, first step, first day of school;etc but when you look at your child and see how quickly they’ve grown, you wanna remember each and every day. 

No longer dependent on me, I’ve come to realize that I’m raising a man.  He’s no longer the cute chubby boy that tugged at my pants leg to be picked up.  He’s not the kindergartener running to the car excited to show me the new drawing that needs to be placed on the refrigerator.  He’s now the independent little athlete that cleans his room, does his homework, and plays Xbox while occasionally spending a few moments with his mother in between.

The truth is….like they say…”Kids grow up way too fast!”  Just a reminder to cherish each moment.


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