Yes, I am about to speak on my appetite for food! I am not sure when this relationship was born, but it is has been longterm! This is the one relationship that I think I have maintained very well. For the first 20 years of my life I was a vegan! No meat, no dairy, and my staples of existence were legumes, soy products, and vegetables. During my first pregnancy, I experienced extreme cases of morning sickness. Everything that I was accustomed to eating repulsed me. I was running on fumes until my nose radar detected the smell of the Star Burger! For those not familiar with the star burger, it was one of Hardees main menu items back in 1998. The smell of it drew me right to the drive thru! I ordered, and minutes later I sank my teeth into my first piece of beef. At this point it was official, I had crossed over!

The years since then have been challenging regarding my food relationship. I have been enjoying all of the new food items on the menu while experiencing guilt occasionally. Some of my favorite foods are pasta, bread, Nutella spread (don’t judge me), and seafood! I can say that I have some advantages that the average person does not. For instance, i am able to cut back on my meat to shed a few pounds or I can eliminate it all together. Regardless of situation, I am still in love with food and I don’t see us breaking up any time soon! Maybe we can just spend some time apart!

Going get a snack,



2 thoughts on “Me So Hungry!

  1. Finally we have girl that wants to talk about the first time she put meat in her mouth and actually swallowed. You go girl!!!

  2. Yeah my love affair with food started…..well I won’t go there. I completely understand where you’re coming from. There’s somethings a girl can always depend on and a good “Scooby snack” is one of them. *insider

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