Finally, the disclaimer is here. Who runs the world?Here is what the girls had to say!!!!

You already know the answer to that question don’t you? Beyonce said it best….Who run the world? Girls

It’s the First “If I Ruled” Takeover!

Ebony Queen and I thought we should share with you why girls, women, females, mothers, wives, and girlfriends run the world! No matter the label, it’s evident which gender holds all the power!

Why Girls Run the World

  1. We birthed a nation.  Women are the bearers of  children.  We fuel the population.  Although men outnumber us…they wouldn’t exist without having first passed through our wombs. ~MP
  2. “Behind every great man is a great woman” Women run the household while allowing the man to be the head of it.  Let’s be honest, if it weren’t for women most men would be lost.  It’s a woman’s ability to subtly nudge a man in the right direction that keeps everything afloat.  ~MP
  3. Cruz told you all about this in the Vagina Dialogue blog didn’t he!  Plain and simple it’s the power of the “V”.  Women who know how to use that precious tool are indestructible. It’s the alluring present day kryptonite that is sure to bring most men to their knees…literally  ~MP
  4. Men could never hold down the multiple hats that women do with such style! We are the head of single parent households! We bring home all of the bacon or tofu (whatever your preference), raise the children, take care of all household duties, and handle all yard, house, and car maintenance as required! We do all this while looking good! ~EQ
  5. In some African cultures, women are the gardeners and make sure that crops are produced that will feed there families! They stock up food for the winter! The men on the other hand, go out and hunt, but they don’t always have success in finding prey. Without the women, families just may go hungry!~EQ
  6. Lastly, but not least, girls (women) are the ultimate nurturer! These attributes can not be duplicated in men no matter how hard they try! Being nurtured is a key ingredient to turning a child into a strong secure adult! These adults will be our rulers of tomorrow! This why “Girls” run the world!~EQ

Disclaimer: I am sure that Cruz and Jock will have plenty to say about this post and the “Takeover”.  Pay them no mind cause today it’s all about the ladies!  lmbo  Love you, mean it!

The Men’s Turn

Here is what the men are saying, well at least this man. I know you girls didn’t think we were going this one go unchallenged. Here is our rebuttal. Yes, we did let you have your day but the other 364 belongs to the men. First of all, you started of by saying girls. Quoting the famous “Beyonce”. I know you said women, etc, but you started off by saying girls. Girls cannot run anything. To a girl the most important person in their lives is their father, who just happens to be a man.

1.  You may have birthed a nation but you are also the reason for the death of one as well. Birthing was just the curse bestowed upon you for your devilish ways. So if this is your claim to fame then damn. And you are right, we would not be here today if we had not passed through your womb, but you would not be here if we had not first “Passed through your womb”!!!!

2. Behind every great man is a great woman. That’s true so. So please stay behind the man. Men allow women to make decisions on some things to keep you from whining and nagging. While you all are making decisions from the rear you can not see our faces. We are frowning and mouthing “I wish this b*tch would shut the fuck up. So we say let her have her way. However, we put our foot down when its time to put our foot down and you women fall back or should I say fall behind.

3. The “V” is some powerful stuff. That I am not going to lie about. It may also be kryptonite. However, last I checked Kryptonite only worked on Superman. I am not superman or anyone claiming to be such, i.e. Dwight Howard and Shaq. So the “V” does not make me weak or lose power. As much power as you women say the “V” has, I am sure the “D” has and equal and opposite form of power.

4. We men could never hold down multiple hats? Maybe because we only need one hat that encompasses all the hats that you describe. Let’s see, Head of a single parent household. Last I checked there are a lot of single parent homes run by men. Also, by your statement, you are assuming that all women are single parents. That is quite the contrary. Men do all the things you mentioned: bring home the bacon, yard work, house duties, etc. So this is not  justifiable in your argument. By my account this is an even playing field.

5. In some cultures? Come on now we are not in those cultures. Last I checked I live in America. And in America the cropping  and the butchering is a male dominated industry. They plant the seeds, nurture the seeds, and harvest the crop. On the other hand, men also raise the livestock, butcher the livestock, and package it. Families may go hungry without women, but families will starve and famish without men in America.

6. Women, I will give you credit for nurturing. Men are the strong arms and you are the kind nurturer. The problem here is sometimes you don’t know when to stop nurturing. Men make children grow up quick and handle their business so that they can be secure in themselves as adults. That pampering shit just allows your kid to get his ass beat. We nurture in totally different ways. We men beat ass and ask questions and teach later. Women are vice versa. Each method works but sense men run this shit, our way is the best. Since Legislature took the side of the woman and implemented all these “nurturing” rules, crime has gone up, kids have no respect, and let’s just face it: our kids have become weak-minded. Bring the strong-arm of a man back and shit will change real quick! MEN RUN THIS SHIT!!!



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