Here I am in my early 30’s roaming about the dating world and I’ve come to the realization that what they say is true, “There are no good guys left!”  Yep, I’ve been single long enough to know.  (Don’t be alarmed, continue reading)

There are some absolutely phenomenal guys left.  Maybe we meet them at the wrong time.  Maybe we aren’t the ideal match for them.  Maybe they are career focused.  Whatever the case may be, there are some great single guys left. 

So maybe it’s time that we evaluated…..

Perhaps he’s not ready to settle down:  Doesn’t mean he’s not a good guy simply means he recognizes that he isn’t ready for a full on committed relationship.  He may date multiple women but he makes it clear upfront that he’s not looking/ready for a relationship. 

Could it be, he’s focused on his career?  Men are breed to be the provider.  If they feel inadequate in that aspect some are less likely to be reeled in by a woman.  They’d rather date no strings attached to get their needs meet.  Once they have obtained the level of success and financial security they feel is needed to settle down, then their search for a female companion will shift.

Something’s gotta be wrong with him if he doesn’t want you, right?

Maybe you just aren’t the one for him.   He’s dated you for months and while you’re thinking he should know you are wife material he knows that you aren’t the one he’s willing to drop to one knee for.  He’s been upfront from day one about his intentions but you’re still holding out hope that he will see you as you see yourself.  Well sometimes we are blinded by the illusions we create and while you see a woman who has it all together and is equally yoked, he’s see’s a woman that isn’t so sunny-side up.

Yet the conclusion some women come to is that there are no good guys left.  Well, truth be told, I’ve meet three in recent history.  They exist!


3 thoughts on “No Good Ones Left!

  1. Interesting piece. Actually good hearing that from a woman. There are good men out there. You just don’t know what stage in life, career, or personal development you find him in. I do believe in the cliche that there is someone for everyone, however I also believe in devine intervention. Today he may not be that someone, but tomorrow he may be. You just have to hope that you intervene when it is time.

    • I’ve grown enough to learn that’s exactly what it is. There comes a time in everyone’s life that they are ready for certain things; you just have to hope to find the right one at the right time.

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