In the last rendition of the Anatomy of Venus: The Make up of Mars we explored the volatile yet amphibious body of Venus or the woman. As promised I am going to dissect Mars, the male, in this rendition. I promise it will not be as complicated as Venus. It is mainly because Mars is not that complicated. What you see is what you get.

Let’s start in the same manner that we started Venus. The symbol for the male organism is (♂). This is also the planetary symbol for the planet Mars. The symbol is fitting of Men. Women always say Mars think with his other head and this symbol depicts that on top of his “head” or it could just be his midsection with his torso and his legs cut off. Either way you get the point. Women also say that men only think about one thing. This maybe true and the reason for that is simple, “X” marks the spot. If you are confused just take a look at Venus (♀). Looks like a perfect fit and placement to me. So you really cannot blame Mars for having a one tracked mind. The tip of his symbol looks like an arrow and you only aim arrows at its proper target. “X” marks the spot.

Diving in a little deeper, Mars is named after the Roman god of War. This explains why men are quick to fight or have a knack for violence. They fight over everything, women, territory, or just for fun. This is why the planet has a lot of impact craters, valleys, and scars. These war wounds remind him of where he came from and everything he has done. Unlike Venus he does not want to cover up his imperfections. Rather he embraces them and shows them off as trophies. The planet is also known as the “Red Planet”. Not only does Mars have tattooed craters and valleys but the planet’s color also epitomizes an atomic war. In every atomic war scenario there is a reddish orange explosion. This color symbolizes war.

Mars is the second smallest planet in our solar system. This depicts men because they have the second smallest brain out of the human race. I guess this is where the terms narrow and small mined are derived. What does this say about Mars? He is simple. He does not comprehend contextual clues nor does he understand Venus when she says “You should know”. Hell 9 times out of 10 I promise you he doesn’t. Not even the smartest man. Venus he does not like pulling back the lava layers of your emotions to get to know you. It’s too much damn work. He feels if you want him to get to know you, you will leave that murkiness in your atmosphere and show him. Just because you are glowing and sparkling like a diamond doesn’t tell him that you are a diamond. For all he know you could be a train coming out of a station ready to run him over. Make yourself visible otherwise be prepared for a fight. Something he is bred to do.

This brings me to my last point. Mars is not the most beautiful planet, but he is the most stable and intriguing. I say this because he is what he is. He will be the same person from day 1 to day 1200. There is no changing him, but every solitary Mars planet has its own craters. This is what makes them intriguing to Venus. This is a good thing but could be a bad one as well. The good thing is that you know what you are up against. The bad thing is that you know what you are up against. Venus, do not get complacent with Mars. If so you will get lost. Everything on Mars’ surface looks the same. If you get complacent you will veer off course and get lost in Mars’ red cloud of smoke. Familiarity does not beget complacency. If he likes something don’t try to switch it up. Don’t try to feed him veggie burgers when he’s a beef man. I promise you he will chew you up and spit you out. Stay the course he has paved for you. It is paved for a reason.

Mars is the most explored planet. So Venus do not piss him off. Because when one explorer leaves there is another on its way. He won’t wait for his scars to heal like Venus. There are a lot of Venuses in his orbit it’s just which one will he let explore his rugged terrain and which one will he use purely for entertainment purposes. You see Mars has easy access. His atmosphere is wide open, unlike Venus’s. Mars does have the killer atmosphere which makes it hard to see the planet. Mars wants to be explored. Mars is somewhat promiscuous. It has been explored a few times. However, many do not make it to it polar ice caps, where there has been some evidence of life sustaining nutrients. If you make it there you are special, but that’s a daunting task. You see Venus is the Goddess of Love and typically falls in love easily, but you are going to have to win the war in order for Mars to be conquered. There will be many casualties along the way. Do not be upset if you are one of the casualties. Some men just fight for the sport of it. You just got played. However, each Mars’ warpath must end. Like any war you must have the proper timing and execution. You can have the right timing but the wrong execution or the right execution but the wrong timing. Either way you are going to get executed.

Mars is simple, single colored, very light. It is not even close to the density of Venus. Venus if you are trying to explore Mars just remember, simple, simple, simple. He doesn’t care how many layers you have. He doesn’t care if that shirt makes you fat, he doesn’t care if you are the brightest star in the solar system. He just asks that you be you. If you are volatile, show it. If you have short hair, show it. If you have thick features, show them. Mars is going to be Mars. Fat, small, short, or tall we are not going to deter from what makes him him. He is stubborn for a reason. He doesn’t like change. Don’t even try to change him. His atmosphere is the most consistent, next to Earth. If you try to change it then he will not be Mars anymore. He will be Uranus. Get the picture!!!! You should know!!!!



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