Being the rip young age of 33, I realize that over the years my taste, tolerance, and sensibility for almost all things have adjusted somewhat.  And what I realized on April 7th at approximately 6:40pm est was that I no longer had a palate for 106 & Park. Truth be told, I knew that several years ago which is why it’s been several years since I’ve watched it.  

However, on this particular day, the remote was not in my hands.  My flatscreen landed on B.E.T and although I knew it wouldn’t end well, I tuned in.  Needless to say, I was reminded instantly reminded why the only time I tune into Black Entertainment Television is when there’s an award show or a 15 year old movie I wouldn’t mind rewatching for the umpteenth time.   

The first video I saw was a young pop/r&B singer who’s name escapes me. She danced about my screen in between verses and I realized that these record labels attempts to find talent are futile.  They have yet to realize that most of these girls won’t have a chance until Beyonce aka Yonce retires.  Mind you, I’m not even a huge B fan. If she’s pretty, has a little bit of a voice, and can dance, her career is already doomed.  No one is going to last in this industry unless they can just flat out sang.  

The last video on the countdown, was of a young rapper with a feature who stated something along the lines of “girls gonna step to this.”  I guess they will since you made the song for them.  I was so unimpressed.  I turned to my 11 year old and asked, “Do you like this music?” to which he responded “Nah.” Yeah, I got the short answer but an answer I was happy to receive.  

I’m not trying to bash new artist or even compare music over the span of a decade.  I’m simply noticing that B.E.T has a problem if they don’t learn to incorporate all age groups in Blacks Entertainment Television and 106 & Park apparently doesn’t appeal to fade crazy children or young adult. It’s not just me right? Am I too old to understand?

Houston…we have a problem!

~Signed Mahogany Princess


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