I was born into this world for a divine purpose. I am the fruit of a love designed in the eyes of perfection. I will not be complete until this destiny is manifested. On my journey to the proclaimed destiny I am stopping by to share a “word” with you all! I am a complex mixture of all the hello’s and goodbyes of a lifetime. I am claiming my rightful place in history!

I have been writing since the age of ten. It was at this age, that my passion for the literary arts was born. I was born in a small town at the southern tip of Alabama and made North Carolina my home at the age of six. I earned my Bachelors degree from North Carolina Wesleyan College and my MBA in Business Administration from The University of Phoenix .

I have always been in love with the idea of love. I feel as if the term, “Follow your heart”, was patterned after me.  Life has presented many challenges that have made me a strong independent African-American woman. Thank God for the trials and tribulations that have molded me into an Ebony Queen. I hope that you can laugh, cry, and learn through my eyes.

Happy Reading


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